Used versus New Alignment Machines

Used versus New Alignment Machines

Alignment machines can require a major capital investment in order to procure them for your automotive repair center, service shop, or car dealership. There are a variety of makes, models, and brands on the market today. In addition to new models, it is also possible to find used big name brands for sale. However, there are few considerations you need to make prior to sinking your money into used equipment.

First, and foremost, used alignment machines are normally older technology which has been replaced. Do you want to offer your customers alignment services using outdated equipment? In addition to the cost of the used machine, you may be required to schedule a service call with the brand’s local wheel alignment service representative in order to transfer ownership, and update and perform any required service to make the machine operational. This additional service can cost several thousands of dollars.

Further, most used alignment machines do not include any form of warranty. In the event the machine breaks your are fully responsible for all parts, repairs, and labor costs. You also do not truly know how well the used machine was cared for, used, or operated by the prior owner. You have to take their word about the description they provided.

By the time you take the costs for purchasing used equipment, add in a service call or two, and ensure the machine is operational, it is easy to invest well over $6,000 or more. Did you know that for about the same amount of money you could have a brand new Atlas Edge alignment machine with a warranty? Just remember this the next time you are in the market for alignment equipment.


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