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Save Money on Equipment for Your Shop with a Combination Auto Lift

If you have a limited amount of money to invest into an auto lift, you should consider the types of services and repairs you want to offer your customers. For instance, if you will be performing wheel alignments, this process requires its own specific kinds of equipment and lift. However, there are combination lifts available […]

Safely Perform Brake Services with Automotive Lifts

Selecting the right automotive lifts for your service center, oil change shop, or other type of automotive repair garage depends on the services you want to offer your customers. Some businesses deal with specific market segments and focus on only a few key services to deliver the consistent results for their customers. For example, your […]

Expand Your Service Offerings by Obtaining a Motorcycle Lift

There are more motorcycles on the road today, than in the past. One reason for the increase in cyclists is due to the increase in fuel prices. Operating a motorcycle is less expensive at the pump than filling up your car, because they get much better mileage. For the $40 or $50 you spend a […]

Selecting 2 and 4 Post Auto Lifts for Your Business or Home

Selecting 2 and 4 Post Auto Lifts for Your Business or Home Deciding between 2 and 4 post auto lifts for your home, service center, auto repair shop, quick oil change business, or other similar operation depends on the types of vehicles you service, as well as other factors. For instance, a 2 post lift […]

Car Lifts Allow You to Complete More Car Repairs at Home

You may be mechanically inclined, so that you are able to save on your car repairs and maintenance by performing the services in your own home. You might change the oil, brake pads, rotate the tires, and other such tasks, to avoid paying labor at your local service center. But, there are often more repairs […]

How Is My New Car Lift Shipped and How Is It Unloaded?

How Is My New Car Lift Shipped and How Is It Unloaded? Your new car lift is frequently shipped using a commercial carrier with a 53 foot semi-truck and trailer because of the weight of the lift. You need to verify that you have sufficient space for the carrier to drive into your location and […]

Verify Your Work Space is able to Accommodate Alignment Lifts

Before ordering alignment lifts, you need to make sure you have sufficient room in your garage or repair shop. There are also specific concrete requirements for supporting the posts when you select 4 post models. It is your responsibility to verify your work space is able to accommodate the lift. By taking the time to […]

Install the Right Auto Lifts to Service a Wide Range of Vehicles

In order to service a wide range of vehicles, you have to make sure you have the right types of auto lifts installed at your service shop. Lifts have a maximum drive-through width allowance. You need to verify that the maximum width of the vehicles you service will fit through the space. You may have […]

Verify Car Lifts Will Work in Your Location

Verify Car Lifts Will Work in Your Location Prior to ordering car lifts for your automotive repair shop or personal use at home, you need to verify that the product you select will work in your location. All lifts have a specific concrete thickness requirement because they will be supporting the weight of the vehicle. […]


GSES Introduces New Atlas BP12000 12,000 LB. Baseplate Lift

The Atlas BP-12000 is a commercial grade heavy duty 12,000 LB. capacity 2 post base plate above ground lift. This above ground lift has over sized columns, symmetric three stage arms, and single point lock release.  This lift is perfect for those commercial garages that want to lift heavier vehicles but have limited ceiling height.  […]