Car Lifts Influence the Services You Can Offer

Having the right car lifts installed at your repair shop is essential for your day-to-day operations. Your equipment has a direct effect on the types of services and repairs you can offer your customers. A standard four-post lift system makes it possible to reach areas underneath the vehicle for easier repairs. But, if you have a low ceiling, the lower ceiling clearance may limit the height you are able to raise the vehicle off the ground.

Options for Low Clearance Ceilings:

In garages with low ceiling clearance, you will want at least one service bay with a two post lift. Because the tires hang below the lifting arms, two post car lifts can raise the vehicle higher than a standard four post lift could. However, a two post lift has to be securely bolted the floor in the bay where it is to be used.

Options when Clearance Is Not an Issue:

If ceiling clearance is not a problem, you have a bit more flexibility in choosing your car lift.  Four post lifts can be a flexible option, depending on the features that you need.  Some are portable and can be moved from one area to another by attaching casters.  Others may have options such as built in turntables and slip plates for performing wheel alignments.

If you plan to move the lift frequently to different service bays, you may also want to consider a portable scissor lift.

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