To Balance Tires You Need a Balancing Machine and Steel Wheel Weights

Keeping tires balanced and aligned helps increase how long they last. In order to properly balance a tire using a wheel balancing machine, you need to keep a supply of steel wheel weights on hand. Even though tires are normally the same size with the same size rims on each vehicle, there can be slight variations between each one. You may run one tire through the wheel balancing machine and have to use two or three different weights to get it correctly balanced to spec. The next tire you balance could only require a single weight, and so on.

Are Steel Wheel Weights Better than Lead Wheel Weights?

The type of metal used to make steel wheel weight and lead wheel weights is one difference. Whether one is better than another is just a matter of your own personal opinion. Both provide the necessary weight to ensure a wheel is properly balanced. However, steel is environmentally friendlier compared to lead. In addition, many states are starting to ban the use of lead weights because of the impact they can have on the environment.

How to Maintain Your Stock of Wheel Weights

Just like tires, wheel weights come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. To make inventory tracking easier and reordering simpler, you might want to have a SteadyWeight™ bench/floor standing wheel rack on hand. You can order the rack in a kit that comes with an initial supply of various wheel weights and easy stick-on labels for each size. When you run low, you simply visit our website and use our SteadyWeight™ rack refill ordering template and select the number of each weight you need to restock.


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