Atlas 36K and 48K Mobile Column Lift Systems

The Atlas 36,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift System and the Atlas 48,000 lb Mobile Column Lift System are the perfect choice for those repair facilities that need to service larger trucks, but cannot dedicate the floor space to an oversized four post lift.

The Atlas MC-36K and the MC-48K mobile column lift systems include 4 (9,000 lb. capacity each and 12,000 lb. capacity each, respectively) mobile columns, three sets of wheel diameter fork reducers and four (16,500 lb. capacity) tripod axle stands.

Tripod Axle Stands for Wheels-Free Service

Either system makes it easy to lift just about any vehicle (passenger cars up to large semi trucks) to perform under-the-vehicle inspection and make repairs.  The tripod axle stands support the vehicle and allow the technician to perform wheel service when the mobile columns are removed.

Safety Stops on All Lift Columns

The main control panel is located on the master column.  The slave columns have secondary control panels that mimic the main control panel and also have emergency stop buttons.

Lift Vehicles on Any Level Surface

These columns may be used on any level concrete surface. (Six inches minimum)  The extra large column base provides maximum stability.

Each column can be easily moved with the included dolly system.

Electromechanical Lift Operation

Both the Atlas 36,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift System and the 48,000 lb. Mobile Column Lift System feature an electromechanical lift operation.  Rolled steel screw spindles, with bronze main and safety nuts, provide a positive lifting mechanism.  The screws are automatically lubricated by felt pads attached to an integral oil reservoir.  The carriages move on a series of extruded nylon runners which have a very low friction coefficient and provide excellent resistance to wear.  These runners (made from Ertalon®) guarantee balanced lifting of the vehicle.

Positive Synchronization

The sophisticated electronic system ensures positive synchronization of all columns.  Electronic sensors monitor the main power supply and automatically stop operation in the event of an electrical power failure or if the carriages are not lifting simultaneously.

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