The Atlas® ST-7000 Extra Tall 4 Post Storage Lift

ST 7000 4 Post Storage LiftThe Atlas® ST-7000 has arrived at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.  This extra tall four post storage lift has been “on the drawing board” for over a year.  We have had many customers ask us for a 4 post lift that goes “extra high” to either store an extra tall vehicle under the raised car or to raise a car high enough to be stored on the second floor of a building.

The Atlas® ST-7000 is the perfect lift for those car enthusiasts lucky enough to have extra tall ceilings and need to store regular height vehicles on top of extra tall vehicles. The Atlas® ST-7000raises vehicles weighing up to 7,000 lbs. all the way to over 12 feet (144 inches) under the runway.

ST 7000 Runway Jack TracksThis super tall four post storage lift uses the same heavy duty runways found on the Atlas® GP-9000. These commercial grade runways have welded jack tracks to accommodate the full line of professional rolling center jacks offered by Greg Smith Equipment. The extra tall lifting height gives customers the space needed to park much taller vehicles under the lifted vehicle. There are 21 locking positions in the lock ladder. The lock ladder may be adjusted during installation so that an almost infinite number of locking heights may be obtained.

single point release toggle (located next to the power unit) automatically unlocks all four spring loaded pneumatic locks. Compressed air is required to disengage the locks (air supply not included). The emergency slack cable secondary lock system is always “on standby” and will engage automatically if the aircraft cables are compromised or becomes too slack.

For more information including photos and specs, click here to be taken to the Greg Smith Equipment Sales main site.  With any questions about the ST 7000, or any other automotive equipment, please feel free to call the Car Lift Experts at Greg Smith Equipment Sales – (800) 601-3036.

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