An In-Depth Guide for Purchasing a Wheel Clamp Tire Changer

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks many different models of Atlas Wheel Clamp Tire Changers in their nine conveniently located USA showroom/warehouse facilities. If you are considering becoming a player in the very lucrative wheel service business or just want to be able to change tires in your personal pole barn, the Atlas Wheel Clamp Tire Machine is your best value.

Atlas TTC 301 Truck Tire ChangerThe professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales can answer all of your service questions, either in person or over the phone. Our informative website has pictures and videos that help to explain the operation of each model. Wheel clamp Tire Changers are the most popular style because they are designed to change tires on decorative wheels while minimizing the risk of damaging them. Older style center post models that used a metal center hold down cone which were screwed on a vertical metal post to secure the wheel were responsible for hundreds of thousands of damaged chrome wheels. This older was very limited to the size of rim it could effectively change and the bead breaker shoes were not easy to control which resulted in damage to many types of wheels.

The Atlas wheel clamp tire changer increases the size of rims that can be safely mounted and also uses an easily controlled pneumatic bead breaking system that virtually eliminates the possibility of any rim damage. The solid steel turntable is equipped with four pneumatically adjustable clamps that securely hold the rim in place. The metal rim clamps have optional plastic cover that may be installed to prevent outside rim damage.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales also offers a center post adapter that increases the clamping range of the adjustable rim clamps. The Atlas CPA (hyperlink) is the perfect choice for those customers who want to increase the clamping range of their Atlas® tire changer or their Coats® tire changer or their Hunter® changer or their Ranger® tire changer. The Atlas CPA (hyperlink) is compatible with almost all wheel clamp and rim clamp tire changers.

Atlas TC221 ATV Motorcycle Tire ChangerThe adjustable pneumatic side bead breaker on the Atlas tire changer allows it to become an effective ATV or Motorcycle Tire Changer. There is really not much difference between these and a passenger tire changer.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales offers several smaller sizes of mount/demount heads and several smaller sizes of bead breaker shoes that will transform any Atlas commercial passenger tire changer into a motorcycle or ATV compatible model.

It is much easier to change motorcycle or ATV tires on an automatic machine than to use a pair of screwdrivers with the ATV wheel on the ground between your feet.

Most models are equipped with a very powerful pneumatic bead blaster system that helps to inflate stiff sidewall tires. Stiff sidewall tires are very difficult to install on a decorative rim and to remove from a decorative rim. All basic models can be fitted with optional pneumatic assist arms that help the operator mount and demount the larger stiff sidewall tires without doing any damage to the decorative rim. These pneumatic Atlas assist arms have pressing devices that force the beads of the stiff sidewall tire into the drop center of the rim so that the mount/demount lever arm does not contact the outside of the chrome rim.

Atlas also manufactures some automatic wheel clamp tire changers that are equipped with a pneumatic wheel lift so that our customers do not need to physically lift the assembly onto the turntable. These pneumatic wheel lifts are the perfect ergonomic solution for those customers who are changing a lot of the larger tires mounted on the larger rims. Many of these wheel assemblies can weigh over 100 pounds and damage may occur to the rim when an operator is trying to lift that amount of weight and carefully position that heavy weight onto the turntable.

There are also many accessories available from Greg Smith Equipment which will help the customer protect the exposed decorative sections of the chrome rim. Atlas has durable plastic mount/demount heads that will not damage rims that are mounted on the Atlas tire machine. Atlas offers durable plastic covers to slip over the mount/demount tire tool so that the outside edge of the chrome wheel will not be damaged.

Greg Smith Equipment offers several models of automatic truck tire changers that are capable of handling large over the road truck tires and also most agricultural tires and OTR mine tires. If your business involves selling and servicing both passenger and light truck tires along with heavy over the road tires and off the road tires, then you need to consider the purchase of two models of Atlas tire changers for your service center. The full line of Atlas truck tire changers offers many labor saving features found in those truck tire changers costing thousands of dollars more money.

Most passenger wheel clamp tire changers are designed to handle passenger car and light truck and some skid steer wheels and tires. If you want to change agricultural or semi truck wheels, then you will need to buy a truck tire changer that is designed specifically to handle those larger sized wheels and tires. An Atlas truck tire changer is capable of changing some smaller truck tire tires and even some passenger tires, but a truck tire changer is really designed to be used for larger tires. If your business is focused on both large truck tires and small passenger tires, then you should consider buying two models of Atlas tire changers. The cost of buying two models (passenger tire and truck tire) of the Atlas tire changer line is much less than buying just one passenger tire changer from some of the BIG NAME red brand manufacturers.

Please visit our tire changer section of the Greg Smith Equipment website to see pictures and watch videos of all of our passenger tire changers and truck tire changers in operation.

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