To Operate a Tire Changer Correctly Review the Owner’s Manual

To Operate a Tire Changer Correctly Review the Owner’s Manual

It is important you operate your tire changer correctly, in order to avoid damaging the tire, rim, or the machine. When you receive your new changer, take the time to read through the manuals which were included with your model. You should review the assembly instructions in detail, prior to putting the changer together, to ensure you have the right tools on hand. After assembly, review the manual that steps you through the processes on changing a tire.

The best way to learn how to effectively use your tire changer is through practice. It is recommended you start by using a standard tire and wheel assembly, like a 15 or 16 inch tire mounted on a steel rim. You do not want to start learning using the most expensive tires and wheels in your shop. You might also want to visit your local junk yard and pick up several used wheel assemblies to practice on before using your own inventories.

Changing a tire is not an extremely complicated or complex procedure. However, there are specific steps which must be followed correctly. It should be noted — the required processes can and do vary from one tire and wheel to the next. Many models could require special mounting and dismounting techniques not fully illustrated or described in the manuals that came with your tire changer. If you are unsure about the correct process to use, you need to contact the tire or wheel manufacturer to obtain detailed instructions on the proper method.


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