Expand Your Services by Obtaining a Motorcycle Tire Changer

Expand Your Services by Obtaining a Motorcycle Tire Changer

Expanding your motorcycle service shop to include a wider range of services means your loyal customers will get more work done at your shop, instead of one of your competitors. Your earnings and revenues will also potentially grow with an increase in service offerings. One item you could add to your shop is a motorcycle tire changer. With this piece of equipment, you can start selling replacement tires and wheels.

It is worth your time to review the product description and details to help you select the best motorcycle tire changer for your shop. There are several affordable Atlas models designed for small commercial garages and dealers. On the other hand, if your volume of tire and wheel sales is the main portion of your business, you may want to invest in a higher end model, like the Atlas TC289DAA Tire Changer. This model is a perfect choice for tire service centers that want the flexibility to handle steel and decorative wheels, with both incredible speed and no-touch technology.

The biggest and smallest wheels you are able to change with a motorcycle tire changer will depend on the outside clamping range of the model you select. If the outside clamping range of the tire changer is 21 inches, it does not imply or mean the changer will effectively clamp a 21 inch wheel rim. Ideally, you want to choose a changer that has a clamping range at least 2 inches larger than the diameter, including the rim lip, of the largest rims you sell. There are also adapters which can be attached to certain models to increase and decrease the clamping range and give you more flexibility.


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