Add a Motorcycle Tire Changer to Expand into This Growing Service Segment

Making sure you have the right equipment, like a motorcycle tire changer, is vital to steady work flows and productivity in your repair shop. If an employee has to stop working on a motorcycle because they do not have the right tools, it translates to increased time to get the job done right. The longer it takes to do one job, cuts into other jobs your shop could potentially be doing. All of this translates to your bottom line and revenues.

If your shop currently does sell motorcycle tires, or offers tire services, you are missing out on a growing market segment. Getting into this market does not require a large amount of resources. In fact, you can find several Atlas® models which perform multiple functions with the right added accessories. For example, with the TC221 model, you are able to use it as a motorcycle tire changer, ATV tire changer, and automobile tire changer. All that is required is a set of Atlas® motorcycle/ATV flip adapters.

Atlas® offers special combination options to bundle a new tire changer along with other accessories and equipment. For instance, you could take advantage of the TC221 model, a motorcycle kit, a deluxe motorcycle adapter, and an Atlas® WB11 model wheel balancer. This combo kit gives you everything you need to change, mount and balance tires not only for motorcycles, but also automobiles.

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