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Convert Any Atlas® Tire Changer into a Motorcycle Tire Changer

Obtaining a motorcycle tire changer for your tire service center or repair shop is not difficult when you purchase any Atlas® tire changer, and add on a set of Atlas® motorcycle and ATV flip adapters. The adapters attach easily to the tire changer and convert it for use with both motorcycle and ATV tires and […]

Selecting a Tire Changer for Your Business

The Atlas® TC221 tire changer is well suited for small service garages and motorcycle/ATV repair shops. This is a wheel clamp tire changer model designed to work with steel wheels and higher priced alloy wheels without causing damage to the rim or the tire. Other features found on the TC221 include: A tire inflator with […]

Add a Motorcycle Tire Changer to Expand into This Growing Service Segment

Making sure you have the right equipment, like a motorcycle tire changer, is vital to steady work flows and productivity in your repair shop. If an employee has to stop working on a motorcycle because they do not have the right tools, it translates to increased time to get the job done right. The longer […]

Learn How to Operate Your Tire Changer Correctly and Safely

Using a tire changer is not a complicated process, as long as you take the time to review the steps needed for the proper operation. It is worthwhile to review the owner’s manual and any other documentation that came with your changer prior to using it. Reviewing this information not only ensures you operate the […]

Invest in a High Quality, Yet Affordable Motorcycle Tire Changer

When you want to be able to service a wide range of vehicles at your repair shop, service center, or tire shop, you need to have the right kinds of equipment and tools on hand. It is equally important that you take the time to invest in higher quality equipment and tools, because they last […]

To Operate a Tire Changer Correctly Review the Owner’s Manual

To Operate a Tire Changer Correctly Review the Owner’s Manual It is important you operate your tire changer correctly, in order to avoid damaging the tire, rim, or the machine. When you receive your new changer, take the time to read through the manuals which were included with your model. You should review the assembly […]

Expand Your Services by Obtaining a Motorcycle Tire Changer

Expand Your Services by Obtaining a Motorcycle Tire Changer Expanding your motorcycle service shop to include a wider range of services means your loyal customers will get more work done at your shop, instead of one of your competitors. Your earnings and revenues will also potentially grow with an increase in service offerings. One item […]

Atlas TTC 301 Truck Tire Changer

Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is excited to announce the introduction of our New Heavy Duty Atlas TTC-301 truck tire changer. This Heavy Duty Atlas truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 13 inches to 27 inches and tire diameters in excess of 63 inches. The Atlas TTC-301 truck tire changer […]

Atlas TC221 ATV Motorcycle Tire Changer

Atlas TC221 ATV / Motorcycle Tire Changer

Here at Greg Smith Equipment Sales, we always like to help with all your automotive needs. We present the Atlas TC221 Tire Changer, the perfect changer for a commercial garage or for your ATV/motorcycles. Buy a combo (Atlas Tire Changer and Atlas MC Kit & Motorcycle Adapters) to save more money! Visit gregsmithequipment.com for information!

Atlas TC205

Motorcycle Tire Changers

At Greg Smith Equipment Sales, we offer Atlas tire changers.  They are perfect for the small automotive garage or ATV/MC dealer.  You could save even more if you visit our site (gregsmithequipment.com) to look at combo deals.