Steel Wheel Weights Are a Viable Alternative to Lead Wheel Weights

In recent years, many state and local governments have passed laws banning the use of lead wheel weights on tires. The reason for banning their use has to do with the environmental impact lead weights have when they are recycled. The weights can also fall off of vehicles while they are driving down the road, causing other concerns.

Often the lead weights are left on the wheel rims, after they are disposed of, and are never removed. This contaminates the rim metal, when it is recycled, and makes it unusable. As a result, repair shops, service centers, and car dealerships have had to replace these with steel wheel weights. Steel is a viable alternative because it poses little risks to the environment.

When selecting steel wheel weights to use with your tires, you have to verify you obtain the right weight and model compatible with the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Typically, a vehicle requires two wheel weights per tire, plus two for the spare. The purpose of the weights is to help you correctly balance the tire using the appropriate balancing equipment.

You should inspect the rim any time a new tire is installed and ensure it contains the proper number of weights. The weights could have fallen off of the rim, so you may need to replace one or both of them before balancing the tire. You should also inspect the condition of the weight. If it has been damaged or broken, you will want to replace it with a new one.

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