Refurbish Used Parts by Cleaning Them in Sandblast Cabinets

Automotive repair shops, body shops, machine shops, and other such operations can refurbish parts by using sandblast cabinets. This piece of equipment is designed to remove dirt, debris, rust, paint, and other deposits from parts so they are properly cleaned. Once the parts are cleaned, you should inspect them to see if they are still in decent condition and are still salvageable. By refurbishing usable parts, you are able to help save your customers some money, too. You may need to perform other processes after sandblasting parts, depending on the type of part and its purpose.

Which Cabinet Is Best for My Shop?

Selecting sandblast cabinets for your business requires taking the time to consider how often you will be using the machine, as well as the size, type, and number of parts you intend to process. For instance, if your main service is refurbishing parts, you should have a variety of cabinets, to deal with a wide range of parts and the volume. On the other hand, if this procedure is something you do less frequently, then you might only require one or two different kinds of machines.

Here at Greg Smith Equipment, we offer sandblast cabinets in front loading, side loading and table top models. We also stock a full line of parts and accessories for our cabinets, including replacement gloves, vacuum media filters, peel-off lenses, bead blast guns, replacement nozzles, and many other wearable cabinet parts. Additionally, we can supply you with #8 or #10 glass beads for your cabinet in 50 pound bags.


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