Jonnesway SuperTech “One Drive Fits All”

Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc. is proud to be the Exclusive Automotive Distributor for Jonnesway Tools in the USA.  With 30 years experience in the professional tool market, Jonnesway has established a network of over 4000 distributors in more than 100 countries  worldwide and maintained a very strong presence in the USA for the last 20 years selling exclusively through their USA Industrial Distribution channels.

Today we are excited to present the Jonnesway SuperTech “One Drive Fits All”  Series of hand tools.  You can find the entire line of SuperTech Series tools on our website.

“One-Drive Fits All” Solution for All Fastening Needs

The Jonnesway® SuperTech Series features a patented contact-point design giving our sockets many key benefits over other brands on the market today.

The SuperTech Series has a 12-point tooth configuration which provides a much better grip on SAE and Metric heads than the competitors’ 6-point configuration.  In addition, the patented 12-point tooth configuration allows the SuperTech Series products to grip rounded off fasteners better than any of our competitors.

The SuperTech Series drive is designed and manufactured such that every third notch is square and the two notches in between are ground to a special angle giving the tool substantially more surface contact and providing better grip to prevent stripping.  Because of the alternating geometry and tooth configuration, the SuperTech Series tools also work great with most other head shapes and styles, including Torx®, Spline, Star and Square head designs.

All Jonnesway® SuperTech Series tools are constructed of improved Chrome Vanadium Steel.  Cr-V4 is an alloy of Chrome Vanadium Steel with Tungsten and Molybdenum added. The Molybdenum gives the tools increased wear properties that extend the life of the tools (10X the DIN standard) and the Tungsten helps to reduce the weight.

SuperTech Series:

– The revolutionary SuperTech “One Drive Fits All” solution for all fastening needs.

– The SuperTech system fits Metric 6pt, Metric 12pt, SAE 6pt, SAE 12pt, E-TORX®, Spline, Square, & 50% rounded off nuts & bolts.

– The points of contact are evenly distributed onto larger surface areas during application, distributing pressure instead of connecting to several sharp points preventing damage to nut / bolt heads.

– Manufactured from high quality materials including improved Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V4), Molybdenum, and Tungsten which extends the life up to 10x DIN standard.

– Torque exceeds double the normal DIN standard.


Visit for the Full Line of Jonnesway SuperTech Series Tools


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