Use Shop Presses and Sand Blast Cabinets to Refurbish Parts

One thing you can do to help your customers lower their vehicle repair bills is to offer OEM refurbished parts. Sometimes the parts that need to be replaced are able to be restored to like-new condition and do not have to be completely replaced. In order to perform your own refurbishments in-house, there are certain types of equipment you require, like shop presses and sand blast cabinets.

Shop presses are ideally suited for bending, compressing, punching holes, splitting, shaping, and other such functions for taking apart and putting back together different vehicle parts and components. You may also use them for body work processes to remove minor dents and dings without having to replace the entire sheet of metal.

Additionally, they are great for those times you make mistakes when putting together a part or component. You might accidently bend a certain piece the wrong way or too far. Rather than throwing the piece out, you use the press to bend it back into shape and start over.

Most repair shops which have a shop press also have at least one sand blast cabinet. This special type of cabinet uses sand or glass beads to remove dirt, grime, and other build-up from parts and components to restore their original appearance. When selecting a cabinet, make sure you have a suitable air compressor that meets the cabinets’ recommended requirements.

Whether you are looking for a shop press or sand blast cabinet, or need a new car lift, you can find these and other pieces of equipment by visiting our website, one of our store locations, or contacting us directly, today.


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