Outfit Your Tow Trucks with Winches and Proper Equipment

You need to outfit your tow trucks with the proper types of equipment when you operate a towing and recovery business. While most trucks include hooks, chains, booms, wheel lifts, and other integrated components, others may only be a flatbed style. Flatbed tow trucks normally rely upon winches to help slowly pull the vehicle up the ramp so it can be secured safely on the back of the truck. You might also want to add winching equipment to your normal tow trucks on the front, to make it easier to pull and recover vehicles that are stuck in ditches, mud, snow, or on ice.

Expand Your Repair Shop by Offering Towing Services

There are various things you can do to help increase your repair shop’s business. Some repair and service shops expand into towing and recovery services. Not only are they able to help stranded motorists, but also offer vehicle repair services. Because they have already been inconvenienced by their vehicle breaking down, they will want to get it fixed and operational quickly. As a result, you could encourage your towing customers to let you tow their vehicle back to your shop and fix it for them.

Just remember to make sure you have the right type of hardware and equipment available to be able to complete the work for your customers. Whether you are considering expanding your business into new areas, are upgrading, or are replacing existing items, you can find winches, jack stands, shop presses, car lifts, alignment machines, parts washers, and a large selection of other equipment for your towing business or repair shop available from Greg Smith Equipment.

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