How to Decide Which Tire Changer to Purchase

Deciding which model of tire changer to purchase can be a difficult question. Tire and wheel manufacturers rarely consult with the equipment manufacturers before they release a new type of tire or wheel rim. Instead, what has been the case for years is that the tire and wheel manufacturers rely upon the equipment manufacturers to adjust their equipment to work with whatever new and innovative products they release.

In order to determine the right tire changer for your operation, you need to ask yourself some simple questions. By answering the questions, it helps narrow down what models meet your requirements. Consider such things, as:

  • What are the largest and smallest tires and wheels you want to change?
  • Do you deal with chrome, gold, or other shiny custom wheel finishes and want to be careful to avoid damaging them?
  • What sort of vehicles do you need the changer for?
  • Do you want to also have one that works with motorcycle and ATV tires?

For example, the Atlas® TC289 model is well suited for most general automotive service centers and small to medium tire stores. It has been designed to work with a wide variety of wheel types, including steel, as well as the expensive custom and alloy wheels on the market today. Larger operations should consider having two or more models on hand to keep up with the flow of business. The last thing you want is a waiting room full of customers and only being able to change one vehicle’s tires at a time.


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