Compare Alignment Machine Models to Get the Best Deal

Compare Alignment Machine Models to Get the Best Deal

Any time you are shopping around and comparing prices on a new alignment machine for your shop, there are a few things to evaluate between suppliers. First, you have to look at the type of features and options found on the models you like, and see if they are comparable between brands. If one model has additional options and features, then you are comparing apples to oranges. Instead, find models with similar features and options. This allows you to make better informed decisions, since the machines are almost the same. If you like the machine with all the bells and whistles, then, by all means, compare it to other fully loaded models.

The next thing to look at is the price between the alignment machine models you prefer. You might notice that one model sells for over $25,000, while another is around $13,000, both with similar features and options. Why is there such a big difference between the costs? The more expensive model could have several “hidden” costs included, like set-up fees, demonstration fees, and markups for every middleman who has touched the machine since it left the manufacturer. The lower priced machine comes from a wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer, and has eliminated all secondary suppliers, handlers, and other middlemen in the supply chain.

Do you really want to pay more for a machine when both models will satisfy all of your requirements? With that much of a difference in price, you could easily invest in two alignment machines from the wholesale supplier and increase your productivity at your shop to earn more revenues. Even if you only require a single machine, you end up saving money by purchasing it at wholesale.


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