Ben Pearson Pipe Benders Available at GSES

Greg Smith Equipment is an authorized dealer for the Ben-Pearson line of pipe benders.

The Ben Pearson Advantage

Ben Pearson Logo

Ben Pearson started designing and manufacturing pipe benders in 1973, shipping the first bender in 1975. Since then, thousands of Ben Pearson benders have been shipped to muffler shops across the United States as well as around the world. Many of the benders that were made and shipped in the very early years of Ben Pearson are still in use in shops today. The bender’s design process was a result of actual muffler shop owners detailing their needs and concepts that would offer them the convenient features they wanted and deliver consistent quality bends.

We stock both the MC-59 and BPC09 pipe benders (with full die packages) at our Indianapolis warehouse. There are many Internet sellers of the Ben Pearson pipe benders, but over 95% of these Internet sellers DO NOT stock the product. Many customers want to see the equipment before they buy. Many of our customers want the convenience of picking up their equipment at our locations, rather than waiting for (and unloading off of) a commercial semi tractor trailer.

Most other Internet sellers have no showroom, no inventory, and very little technical experience about the products they sell. Greg Smith Equipment has six (6) brick and mortar locations that have many of our advertised products on display.

Greg Smith Equipment has “live” people answering the phone during normal business hours. We also have the best web site in the Industry.


Parallel Cylinders vs. Winged Cylinders

BP 3 Inch Tooling Dies

Other manufacturers use a winged cylinder configuration which allows the cylinders to project outside of the main frame. Ben-Pearson uses a more streamlined approach for mounting the cylinders that allows the cylinders to run “parallel” to the I-Beam frame. The benefit of these “streamlined parallel” cylinders is that after the first bend is made, and as you slide the pipe down the main frame, you may need to reverse (or flip) pipe to prevent contacting cylinders that may be “protruding out” from the frame.

Bends in the pipe are like “pretzel bends” and the bent pipe could easily hit the protruding winged cylinders. These cylinders are “sticking out” at almost a 45 degree angle. The streamlined Ben-Pearson main frame affords less chance of the bent pipe hitting a protruding cylinder and speeds up the bending process because the operator does not need to reverse or “flip” the bent pipe as often.

Superior “Full Radius” Tooling Dies

Ben Pearson S110 Tooling Die Package

The Ben Pearson line of pipe benders incorporates the Ben Pearson special “head design” that allows the bender to use the exclusive Ben Pearson style radius die tooling. In particular, the bending dies offered by Ben-Pearson are superior to the radius dies offered by other manufacturers.

Ben Pearson dies are “full radius” dies and incorporate much more material than more conventional half-moon radius dies used by our competitors. This allows the operator to make deeper bends.

180° Bend Standard

Ben Pearson includes (standard) a full 180 degree bend on the 5 inch radius dies. Other pipe bender manufacturers offer an “optional” (added cost) 180 degree bend dies. All the Ben-Pearson 5 inch radius dies allow you to make the popular 180 degree bends.

View ALL of our great Ben Pearson Pipe Benders and Accessories at the Greg Smith Equipment Sales website.

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