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Outfit Your Tow Trucks with Winches and Proper Equipment

You need to outfit your tow trucks with the proper types of equipment when you operate a towing and recovery business. While most trucks include hooks, chains, booms, wheel lifts, and other integrated components, others may only be a flatbed style. Flatbed tow trucks normally rely upon winches to help slowly pull the vehicle up […]

Use Shop Presses and Sand Blast Cabinets to Refurbish Parts

One thing you can do to help your customers lower their vehicle repair bills is to offer OEM refurbished parts. Sometimes the parts that need to be replaced are able to be restored to like-new condition and do not have to be completely replaced. In order to perform your own refurbishments in-house, there are certain […]

Find High Quality Sandblast Cabinets and Other Automotive Equipment Online

Running an automotive repair shop, body shop, service center, or tire shop requires having the right types of equipment on hand and available. The amount of equipment you need is directly related to the services you provide your customers. If you are a full service repair center, then you need equipment like tire changers, alignment […]

How to Decide Which Tire Changer to Purchase

Deciding which model of tire changer to purchase can be a difficult question. Tire and wheel manufacturers rarely consult with the equipment manufacturers before they release a new type of tire or wheel rim. Instead, what has been the case for years is that the tire and wheel manufacturers rely upon the equipment manufacturers to […]

Are Winches and Hoists the Same Things?

Sometimes people get confused about the operating functions of winches and hoists. A winch is used for pulling, while a hoist is used for lifting. They might try to use one or the other piece of equipment to perform both types of operations. However, this is not recommended and could damage the equipment and create […]

Body Shops Need Alignment Machines to Provide Complete Repairs

Repairing vehicles after accidents at your body shop requires having the right types of equipment. For instance, the impact from the accident often causes the wheels to become misaligned. In order to do a complete repair of the vehicle, you will need to perform an alignment in addition to body work, painting and other repairs. […]

Compare Alignment Machine Models to Get the Best Deal

Compare Alignment Machine Models to Get the Best Deal Any time you are shopping around and comparing prices on a new alignment machine for your shop, there are a few things to evaluate between suppliers. First, you have to look at the type of features and options found on the models you like, and see […]


CCD Alignment Machines VS. 3D Alignment Machines

Buying an alignment machine? Let’s use some common sense and compare a value priced CCD alignment system to a much more expensive 3-D alignment system. 3D technology is NOT a better technology than CCD technology…it is simply a different technology. 3D alignment measurement is not a NEW technology. It has existed since 1995. The CCD […]

Two-Post Alignment

How to Perform Alignment Service with a Two-Post Lift

Here’s the dilemma: you want to offer alignment service, or gain the benefits of a four-post lift but only have shop space for a two-post. The solution: Add a set of Atlas Wheel Stands to your Two-Post Lift and suddenly you have all the benefits of a four-post. Even Better:  Add a full set (2 […]

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Ben Pearson Pipe Benders Available at GSES

Greg Smith Equipment is an authorized dealer for the Ben-Pearson line of pipe benders. The Ben Pearson Advantage Ben Pearson started designing and manufacturing pipe benders in 1973, shipping the first bender in 1975. Since then, thousands of Ben Pearson benders have been shipped to muffler shops across the United States as well as around […]