Work on Your Bike at Home with a Motorcycle Lift

You can save money on your motorcycle repairs and maintenance by doing them yourself at home. If you like working with tools, have a little patience, and can follow detailed instructions, videos, and other diagrams, working on your bike can fun and rewarding. Not only do you become more familiar with how your motorcycle works, but you also eliminate paying labor to have a mechanic change your oil or do other types of work on your bike. In order to properly work on your bike at home, you will need to acquire a motorcycle lift.

A motorcycle lift makes it much easier to gain access to the underside of the bike. In addition, you can raise the motorcycle off the ground so you do not have to sit directly on the ground. Depending on the height of the lift, you can sit comfortably in a chair or stool while working on the bike, or raise it all the way up, if you prefer standing up as you work.

Are All Motorcycle Lifts the Similar?

There are differences between motorcycle lifts, depending on the features you require. Some, like the Atlas® Hi-Rise 1500, have chopper extensions which allow you to work on a wider range of bikes, as well as being wide enough to be used with ATVs. Other models, like the Atlas® Cycle Lift, are specifically designed for motorcycles only. This particular model has a removable rear section to make removing the rear tire and working on the rear of the bike easier.

Feel free to browse our website for more information about our motorcycle lifts. You can also give us a call directly if you need help choosing the right one to use at home for your motorcycle maintenance and repairs.


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