Use Sandblast Cabinets to Restore Corroded Parts to Like-New Condition

Corroded automotive parts can be made to look like new again by sandblasting away the corrosion, debris, and other accumulations which build up on them over time and usage. In order to sandblast, you should have the appropriate size cabinets on hand to fit with a wide range of parts. You are able to choose from tabletop models and floor models with side and front loading options. Some floor models also include foot operation pedals, in place of having to pull and hold a trigger on the gun.

Using sandblast cabinets is a safe way to sandblast without spraying sand all over the shop or your garage. The sand is contained directly in the cabinet and can be recycled and reused. Because dust is created while the machine is in operation, there are fluorescent lights inside the interior, sealed inside protective clear housings. Most units also have a dust filter to remove dust and dirt from the enclosed space.

In order to operate sandblast cabinets, you have to connect it to an air compressor. Each model of cabinet can have its own specific minimum requirements for the amount of PSI the air compressor has to produce. Make sure to review the product descriptions and details to verify your air compressor will be compatible with the sandblast cabinet.

Prior to operating your new sandblast cabinet for the first time, there may be some assembly required. It is worthwhile to read and review all assembly and operational manuals that were included with your new machine. These manuals contain important details and instructions on how to safely operate the machine and use it correctly.

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