Tire Repair Services Require Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, and Steel Wheel Weights

In order to offer tire replacement services, you need to have the right equipment on hand and available. First, you need to have a wheel balancer able to accommodate the tire sizes you service. There are specific models which are designed to work with automotive, semi-truck, ATV, and motorcycle tires. Check the specifications on the models to ensure you obtain the right ones for your business. If you want to work on a variety of vehicles, you may require multiple wheel balancers. In addition to the balancers, you will need a stock of steel wheel weights.

As your wheel balancer machines runs, it provides you feedback through the computer. The data displayed on the screen tells you if the tire is balanced correctly with the rim and how much it is off. Based on that information, you attach steel wheel weights to the tire, rerun the balancing process, and check the results. If necessary, you may have to add more weights or change existing weights, and repeat the process until the tire is properly balanced.

In addition to wheel balancers, the other major type of equipment you need on hand are tire changers. Again, tire changers come with different features and options to accommodate a wide range of tire sizes. Select models based upon the types and sizes of tires you sell, as well as on models designed to work with the various rims on the market today.

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