Select a Car Lift Based on the Services You Offer

The volume of services you can complete each day depends on the number of bays you have available at your repair shop. Certain repairs require using a car lift to raise the vehicle off of the ground. You may also need to raise the vehicle to perform wheel balancing and alignments.

Selecting the right car lift to use in each of your bays needs to be related to the kinds of services you perform. For instance, if most of your operations are wheel and tire replacements, alignments and balancing, then you will want several different types of lifts to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes. You should have at least one bay set up with a lift to perform alignments, as well as at least one wheel balancing machine.

Two technologies used to perform wheel alignments are CCD and 3D. One is not better than the other; they are simply different technologies. One question to ask yourself when choosing a new alignment system is how you intend to offset the costs you will pay for the system.

If you already have an existing bay setup for alignments and want to expand this service to additional bays, then an Atlas® Cyclops with IC3D TowerFree™ technology may be a better investment than an Atlas® CCD system, because the Cyclops can be moved from just about any bay with a car lift to another and does not require a special alignment lift. On the other hand, if you are adding alignments as a new service, it is less expensive to invest in a CCD system.

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