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Atlas Mobile Column Lifts vs. Heavy Duty Four Post Lifts

The Atlas MC7000 and Atlas MC9000 offer a distinct advantage over heavy duty 4-post lifts. Heavy duty 4-post lifts normally come in sizes such as 18,000 lb. capacity, 27,000 lb. capacity, 35,000 lb. capacity and 40,000 lb. capacity. You might also find heavy duty four post lifts rated at 20,000 lb. capacity, 25,000 lb. capacity, […]


Made in the USA … Really?

Most of the products we sell at Greg Smith Equipment Sales are manufactured in Asia. We do not hide this fact. We could not offer the incredible pricing on our equipment if it was made in North America or Europe. Certain companies try to deceive customers by incorporating the name USA, America or American into […]


Can an 8,000 LB. Lift Safely Lift 8,000 LBS.?

This question would appear to have a very simple answer: 8000 LB. However, that answer is not the COMPLETE answer. A two post lift has four arms (symmetric or asymmetric design) that are meant to be positioned under the correct lifting points of the vehicle. These four arms have an effective weight capacity of 2,000 […]