Atlas® Cyclops Alignment Machines versus Red Tower Based Systems

There are differences between alignment machines and how they operate and function. Take, for instance, the Atlas® Cyclops with IC3D TowerFree™ technology and compare it to the older red tower based systems. The red tower based system is using technology which is around 20 years old. The equipment takes up a large amount of space in your repair shop and cannot easily be moved from one bay to another.

Preparing Vehicles for Alignment with Both Machines

Red tower based systems require you to raise and lower the vehicle on your auto lift so that cameras on the tower have a clear line of sight to the wheels on the vehicle. You also have to roll the vehicle back and forth on the lift, which is dangerous if not done correctly. But, with the Atlas® Cyclops, this is not necessary. There is no tower or any complicated methods needed to get the vehicle synched with the machine. Instead, you attach the Bluetooth® enabled wheel clamps and let the machine do all of the work.

You can move Atlas® Cyclops TowerFree™ alignment machines from one bay to another in your shop. The machines are designed to give you the flexibility to perform an alignment in any bay and to work with just about any type of auto lift on the market today. In the amount of time it takes just to get the vehicle lined up correctly with a red tower based system, you are able to connect the wheel clamps and other components and obtain your alignment information with the Atlas® Cyclops system. As a result, not only do you increase your shop’s alignment productivity, but also add more revenues to your bottom line.

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