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Find the Best Alignment Machine for Your Shop

There are several different types of alignment machine models to choose from, depending on how you want to set up your service bays in your repair shop. You need to carefully evaluate the options and features on each model, as well as how it needs to be installed, in order to select the best machine […]

Work on Your Bike at Home with a Motorcycle Lift

You can save money on your motorcycle repairs and maintenance by doing them yourself at home. If you like working with tools, have a little patience, and can follow detailed instructions, videos, and other diagrams, working on your bike can fun and rewarding. Not only do you become more familiar with how your motorcycle works, […]

Setting up and Installing 4 Post Auto Lifts

Setting up and installing 4 post above ground auto lifts depends upon where you want to place the lift within your building. You should also consider the ceiling height and use bays with higher ceiling clearances for optimal performance. Further, you will need the correct gauge electric wiring for operating the lift’s motor. The gauge […]

Tire Repair Services Require Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, and Steel Wheel Weights

In order to offer tire replacement services, you need to have the right equipment on hand and available. First, you need to have a wheel balancer able to accommodate the tire sizes you service. There are specific models which are designed to work with automotive, semi-truck, ATV, and motorcycle tires. Check the specifications on the […]

Atlas® Cyclops Alignment Machines versus Red Tower Based Systems

There are differences between alignment machines and how they operate and function. Take, for instance, the Atlas® Cyclops with IC3D TowerFree™ technology and compare it to the older red tower based systems. The red tower based system is using technology which is around 20 years old. The equipment takes up a large amount of space […]

Select a Car Lift Based on the Services You Offer

The volume of services you can complete each day depends on the number of bays you have available at your repair shop. Certain repairs require using a car lift to raise the vehicle off of the ground. You may also need to raise the vehicle to perform wheel balancing and alignments. Selecting the right car […]

Use Sandblast Cabinets to Restore Corroded Parts to Like-New Condition

Corroded automotive parts can be made to look like new again by sandblasting away the corrosion, debris, and other accumulations which build up on them over time and usage. In order to sandblast, you should have the appropriate size cabinets on hand to fit with a wide range of parts. You are able to choose […]

Atlas Edge 401 Hybrid Alignment Machine

20th vs. 21st Century Alignment Philosophy

Our Lower Costs We realize that a product which has only 50% of the initial cost (or less) of the leading competitors might cause one to assume that it will not perform as well or that your ownership experience might be compromised. We want to assure you that in this case nothing could be more […]


CCD Alignment Machines VS. 3D Alignment Machines

Buying an alignment machine? Let’s use some common sense and compare a value priced CCD alignment system to a much more expensive 3-D alignment system. 3D technology is NOT a better technology than CCD technology…it is simply a different technology. 3D alignment measurement is not a NEW technology. It has existed since 1995. The CCD […]

Atlas OH9000 2-post lift

Bleeding the Cylinder on a Direct Drive Cylinder Lift

In the automotive industry, you will run into hydraulic cylinders on a number of different machinery types.  These are used as shock absorbers for the operation of the machinery.  Several of our Atlas vehicle lifts (Atlas PV10P, Atlas PV10HP, Atlas OH9000, Atlas 9OHSC, Atlas OH10X) rely heavily on hydraulic cylinders to smoothly raise and lower […]