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The SBC1200 sandblast cabinet features two large folding doors (one in the front and one in the back) for easy loading and unloading of large parts. The SBC 1200 has two foot pedal operated blasting guns located at the front and the back of the blast cabinet.

SBC1200 Extra Large Sand Blast Cabinet

Featuring double fold up doors (front and back) and two foot operated blast gun positions. The SBC 1200 Sand Blast Cabinet is the largest abrasive sandblasting cabinet in our celebrated line of Sandblasting Equipment, sold by Greg Smith Equipment Sales. When we introduced the SBC 990 two years ago, we thought that our automotive shop customers […]

Drop Tail Sport Bike Trailer

Drop-Tail “Two-Up” Cruiser / Sport Bike Trailer

Today’s product spotlight at Greg Smith Equipment is the Drop-Tail “Two-Up” Cruiser / Sport Bike Trailer! Perfect to take your sport bikes or motor cross bikes on the road with you. Some features include 2 Promax cycle chocks, a HD torsion axle, Integrated hydraulic drop-tail system, 13″ custom wheels with radial tires with a built-in […]

2 drawer workbench

2 Drawer Workbench

To help keep any garage organized, every mechanic needs a workbench! Here at Greg Smith Equipment, we suggest one of our workbenches. Today, we feature the 2 drawer heavy duty workbench with 2 lockable steel drawers for added security. Visit for more information!


Drop-Tail Cycle and Bike Trailers

With summer just around the corner, Greg Smith Equipment Sales has everything you need to take your motorbikes and motorcycles with you. Today we’re featuring the Drop Tail sport bike trailer. Perfect to protect your motor vehicles in transit. For more information, be sure to check out


Big Foot Garage Floor Tile

Transform your garage floor into something extraordinary. At Greg Smith Equipment Sales, we offer Big Foot Garage Floor Tile, a durable, slip-resistant and stain resistant tile that can be installed in a minimum amount of time and effort. Go to to check out more products for your garage and automobile!