How to Shop for a Motorcycle, UTV or ATV Lift

If you work on Motorcycles, ATVs, or UTVs then the great selection of Atlas® motorcycle lifts should be of interest to you.If you work on motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, UTVs, riding lawnmowers, or any type of vehicle that weighs less than 1500 lbs. and requires maintenance or repairs, then the great selection of Atlas® motorcycle lifts should be of interest to you. Atlas® manufactures several models of motorcycle lifts that can accommodate weights of up to about 1500 lbs. with adjustable width and length platforms to support most 3 wheel and 4 wheel sport or utility vehicles and motorcycles.

Many Atlas® motorcycle lift customers are Mr. Homeowner with a simple need to raise their motorcycle off the ground so that they can polish its wheels. Thousands of other Greg Smith Equipment Sales customers are professional motorcycle and ATV dealers who rely on their Atlas® lifts and other pieces of Atlas® wheel service equipment to deliver excellence performance every day.

Motorcycle lifts can be raised using several different methods. The most popular motorcycle lifts sold by Greg Smith Equipment Sales are pneumatically operated. An air operated ATV lift or motorcycle lift is very efficient and reliable. We also stock and sell two models of manual hydraulic lift tables that are popular with customers who do not have an air compressor in their garage. The manual foot pedal is easy to operate and the manual hydraulic lift can be located in shop areas that do not have air or electric power.

Other models of Atlas motorcycle lifts are powered by air/hydraulic power units or electric/hydraulic power units. These two power units are capable of delivering more lifting power than either the pneumatic power unit or the foot pedal (manual/hydraulic) power unit.

Motorcycles come is a variety of lengths and weights. Several models of our motorcycle lift incorporate either an extra-long platform or have a front platform extension to accommodate the extra-long customer bikes. Several motorcycle lift models incorporate a “removable rear wheel dropout” that allows the operator to lower the rear wheel directly through the removable platform opening. The “rear wheel dropout” is a great feature for removing and installing larger custom wheels on custom motorcycles.

One model of our Atlas® lifts incorporates a removable rear roller plate which allows the rear wheel to be easily rotated while the motorcycle is raised.

How to Shop for a Motorcycle, UTV or ATV Lift 2All full size Atlas motorcycle lifts include an adjustable front wheel vise that supports the front wheel of the motorcycle while the bike is raised. It is important to attach support straps to the body of the bike and the motorcycle lift platform to ensure that the motorcycle is fully supported. Please do not rely on the front wheel clamp to securely hold your motorcycle in place during the raising or lowering of the platform.

Many models of the Atlas® motorcycle lift can be made wider with the installation of the optional width kit. ATVs, UTVs and riding lawnmowers would normally need the additional platform width to support their extra wheel width.

The side platforms are easy to install and remove and many customers (who are not using the lift for a wider ATV) find these side extensions beneficial when driving a motorcycle onto the platform. The narrower motorcycle lift platform sits about seven (7) inches above the floor in the lowered position. When driving a motorcycle onto the lift platform, the operator soon realizes that his feet are seven (7) inches higher from the floor. The side platform width extensions provide a raised surface for the operator and make it much easier to mount or demount the motorcycle on the raised platform.

Atlas® manufactures the Black Jack which is a 1000 lb. capacity small screw-type jack designed to lift the motorcycle or ATV so that the one or more of the wheels is off of the platform. The raised wheel(s) may be removed or rotated. The Atlas® may also be used on the floor to raise and support a motorcycle, ATV or lawnmower.

The Atlas® motorcycle/ATV lifts have several different locking positions that allow the operator to position the lift at the correct working height. These positive locking positions provide a solid support for the lift platform so that the weight of the vehicle is not being supported by the air or air/hydraulic system. The positive locks are designed to keep the motorcycle or the ATV in an “elevated stored” position for a long time.

How to Shop for a Motorcycle, UTV or ATV Lift 3Most Atlas® motorcycle lift tables are powder coated to ensure many years of “looking great”. Many of the models have a diamond plate platform. The Atlas® brand of midrise motorcycle lifts are very easy to maintain and are designed to last a lifetime if they receive the proper care. Most models of the Atlas® motorcycle lift are also portable and can be easily rolled to any area of your garage or outside onto your driveway.

Many customers search the Internet for used motorcycle lifts or used ATV lifts and soon discover that there are not many used lifts to be found. One of the reasons that there are not many used lifts available is that the owner of the motorcycle lift or the ATV lift or the two post of four post above ground lift soon realizes that his lift allows him to do many things that were once too physically demanding to accomplish. It is much easier to work on your motorcycle or UTV when you are standing up than to be lying on the ground attempting to perform any sort of maintenance or cleaning procedures.

If you do ever decide to sell your any of your above ground lifts, we are certain that there would be an eager neighbor to buy it. The neighbor who would be buying your used motorcycle lift would be the same neighbor that has used it for free over the last several years. There is really no better way to become friends with all of your “gear head” neighbors than to own any style of above ground lift. Once you own a motorcycle lift or a two post lift or a four post lift, you will certainly become one of the most popular neighbors on the block. Not only will you need to keep your new lift available for your neighbors to use at any time, you will also be required to keep your garage refrigerator filled with the favorite neighborhood beverage. BTW: When you do decide to part with your Atlas® above ground lift, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that these lifts hold their resale value for their entire lifetime.

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