Top Shipping Questions from Greg Smith Equipment

Below are a few (not all) of the general questions we get regarding our shipping policies at Greg Smith Equipment Sales – please take a look and visit the site ( if you have more shipping questions:

Q: Why don’t you offer free freight at Greg Smith Equipment Sales?

A: If you believe in free freight, then you also believe in the tooth fairy.

Q: If I buy a lift or equipment from Greg Smith Equipment Sales, how does the item get delivered to me?

A: Greg Smith Equipment ships all its lifts or large equipment by common carrier, while smaller equipment is shipped via Fed-Ex or UPS. Lifts and large equipment are commonly loaded on a freight truck at our warehouse and then go to one or two transfer stations. You may pick up your merchandise at the closest terminal, or have the equipment delivered to a convenient address. The customer is ALWAYS responsible for unloading the delivery semi truck.

Q: It is not possible to unload the product at my home or business. How do I get my product?

A: The freight companies have hundreds of terminals located throughout the USA. If the customer has no way to unload the product at their home or business, the product may be shipped to a freight terminal for customer pick up. The customer and the Greg Smith Equipment sales person will work together to find the closest freight terminal for the customer. Certain freight carriers are more experienced at transporting our longer lifts, and we will recommend those carriers if you purchase one of our longer four post lifts.

When the product arrives at the freight terminal, the freight dispatcher will call the customer to arrange pick up at the terminal. The freight terminals expect the product to be picked up within 48 hours of the notification call. All freight terminals have different operating hours and loading procedures. The customer may call the terminal in advance to ask about operating hours and loading procedures. In most instances, the freight terminal will load the product onto the customer’s trailer or pickup truck. Open trailers are much easier to load (and unload) than an enclosed trailer. The freight terminal will require some type of positive identification before you can pick up your product.

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