FAQ: Wheel Balancer

Below are some of the wheel balancer questions we get asked at Greg Smith Equipment Sales:

Q: What makes the wheel balancers at Greg Smith Equipment Sales better than the competitors?

A: Greg Smith Equipment Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the ATLAS product line in the USA. Tire Changers and wheel balancers may appear to be the same from the outside, but the quality of the component parts is what separates the ATLAS brand from all other Asian wheel service assembly factories.

Q: Do Greg Smith Equipment’s wheel balancers come with wheel weights?

A: No our wheel balancers do not come with any wheel weights (other than 1 100g/3.5 oz test weight). While the price of the wheel balancer does not include an assortment of wheel weights. Greg Smith Equipment stocks a wide assortment of wheel weights and sells them at very competitive prices. If you are considering the purchase of a wheel balancer, then you should also consider purchasing some wheel weights at the same time. The wheel balancer will accurately determine the “out of balance” condition of the wheel, but you must apply the correct wheel weight at the designated “out of balance” location to bring the wheel back in balance.

Q: How do I calibrate my wheel balancer?

A: To calibrate your wheel balancer, refer to the QUICK START GUIDE that came with the machine. If you did not receive the QUICK START GUIDE (you really did, but just lost it or threw it away) please call or e-mail the team at Greg Smith Equipment Sales and we can e-mail, mail, or fax you another copy. If you still cannot figure out how to calibrate the machine, please call for help. It is really a very simple procedure-so please try more than once before calling. You can do it!

Q: What is the warranty on your wheel balancers at Greg Smith Equipment Sales?

A: All ATLAS brand tire changers and wheel balancers have a one year LIMITED parts only warranty. We do not provide on-site service for these machines (this keeps the cost of the machines very low). The machines are very easy to diagnose and repair. We assume that you are technically inclined or would not have purchased this piece of equipment. We stock a full line of parts for your equipment, and can offer technical advice to help you install the parts yourself.

Q: If I unplug my wheel balancer will I need to recalibrate it?

A: Unplugging your ATLAS wheel balancer does not erase the memory. However, if you unplug the machine and move it, it is recommended that you recalibrate it since calibration can be location specific. (If you bounce it around, it may need to be calibrated again).

Q: When changing the ATLAS wheel balancer from grams to ounces, what are the “A-up measurement” and the “A-down measurement” keys referred to in the quick start guide?

A: The A-up and A-down refers to the first set (from the left) of up and down arrows that are normally used to manually increase or decrease the wheel distance measurement from the machine. Depressing these two buttons while depressing the “F” button for the WB42, WB311 and WB388 or the “STOP” button for the WB322 will change the imbalance weight from grams to ounces.

Q: When using the motorcycle adapter (MC-KIT) with my ATLAS wheel balancer, to what do I set the A (the distance from the machine to the wheel) measurement?

A: When using the MC or MC-XLT-KIT with one of our balancers the A measurement should be set to 25.

Q: How do I enter the static mode on my ATLAS wheel balancer?

A: To enter the static balance mode (useful when you do not want hang weights on the outside of the wheel) on any ATLAS wheel balancer you simply push the “F”

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