FAQ: Vehicle Lifts

Below are some of the questions we get asked about vehicle lifts at Greg Smith Equipment Sales:

Q: What makes the lifts at Greg Smith Equipment Sales better than the competition?

A: We have explained for the last several years that our Atlas and Direct Lifts were manufactured to the same exacting standards as some of the “better known” domestic lift companies. Now we can share the secret. All lifts are NOT built the same! There are similarities in the appearance of most above ground lifts, but the DIRECT LIFT and the ATLAS LIFTS are built to standards that far exceed those standards incorporated by most other Asian lift manufacturers.

Q: Is the Atlas/Direct lift a “better” lift than the Master Series lift?

A: You sometimes hear companies distinguishing their products with the terms “GOOD”, “BETTER”, and “BEST.” If we had to summarize the quality of our Atlas/Direct vs. Master Series, we would label Master Series “BETTER” and Atlas/Direct the “BEST”.

Q: What are the differences in features between the Direct/Atlas 2-post lifts and Master Series 2-Post lifts?

A: The Master Series XL-9 and XL-11C incorporate a “chain-over” half cylinder hydraulic lifting system. There is a “chain-over” half cylinder located in BOTH columns. The Master Series XL-9 is a “copy” of the Direct Lift OH-8000 lift. The XL-9 manufacturer rates their lift at a 9,000 lb. capacity and the DIRECT LIFT OH-8000 is rated at a 8,000 lb. capacity. The Direct Lift OH-8000 and the Master Series XL-9 both have a dual point lock release system.

Q: Is there difference in the warranty of the Master Series Lifts and the Atlas Lifts?

A: YES! The Master Series offers a limited one-year warranty on the major components of their lifts. The majority of Atlas Lifts carry a five-year structural warranty and two year hydraulic system/power unit warranty.

Q: Are the Master Series Lifts the same lifts as those sold by Pace, Panther, Best Buy, Garage Gadgets and other Internet companies?

A: YES and NO…sounds like a politician. The Master Series 2-post lifts sold by Greg Smith Equipment Sales (these lifts are the same lifts offered by many other Internet companies) are purchased from the same USA importer that supplies lifts to the above Internet companies…and more. Many Internet Companies do not have brick and mortar locations. Most Internet companies DO NOT stock their lifts. When they receive a lift order; they arrange shipment of the lift from one of the regional warehouses.

Q: Do you have both the Master Series and Atlas/Direct Lifts displayed in your showrooms?

A: Yes…please visit any of our five Greg Smith Equipment Sales locations to compare these lifts!

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