See What Our Customers Have to Say Pt 2!

Check it Out! More Satisfied Customers with Wonderful Things to say about Greg Smith Equipment Sales. Today we have three customers showing off their Direct Lift Pro Park 7. Aren’t those some good looking lifts?

Direct Lift Pro Park 7

Direct Lift Pro Park 7

I’m very happy with the Direct Lift Pro Park 7, four post lift which I purchased from Greg Smith Equipment Sales. Shipping was reasonable and assembly was straightforward and easy. I should have purchased this lift years ago. Regards.

Jeremy K.

Direct Lift Pro Park 7 w/ Pro Jack 3500

Direct Lift Pro Park 7
w/ Pro Jack 3500

I purchased the Direct Lift Pro Park 7 and Pro Jack 3500 on-line 7/25/05, shipped on 7/28/05, arrived 8/1/05 on Monday. By Tuesday night it was up and working with a total of about 6 hours of assembly, with just me and some help from my wife and my shop lift. I found it pretty easy to assemble after work hours. My ceiling height is only 9’ 7” and I’m 5′ 6″ so with a corvette on it I can still stand up strait to work under it. I wish I didn’t wait so long to buy one. I bought it through Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc. and they were very nice to talk to and deal with.

I have either a 1982 Corvette or a 1996 Blazer on it all the time. Works great!!!

Kevin Niemiec
Milton, PA

Direct Lift Pro Park 7

Direct Lift Pro Park 7

Thanks for your help, here is a picture after I got the Pro Park 7 installed; with just a neighbors help to lift the ramps I was able to complete the install myself in about 5 hours; I did not want to take one of my cars to a storage center for the winter and hated jockeying the cars around all the time – the Pro Park 7 was the right answer!


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