Install Shop Presses to Offer a Wider Range of Repair Options

Install Shop Presses to Offer a Wider Range of Repair Options

Adding shop presses to your service center or repair shop gives you the ability to complete a wider range of repairs on your own. For example, if you are replacing an electrical motor, there can be parts which have been pressure sealed together. In order to get to the defective component, you often have to take the motor apart using the appropriate amount of pressure to break the seal. This is where a shop press is essential.

If you do not have your own press, you have to either replace the entire electrical motor, or outsource the work to another company. Replacing the entire motor could be expensive, and your customer may not have enough to cover the entire costs of parts and labor. Outsourcing can be expensive if it is not something you use on a regular basis or have a contract in place. The costs of using a third party to take apart and repair the motor using their shop presses ends up being passed along to your customer.

You could install your own shop presses and eliminate having to make your customers pay more for simple repairs. In addition to repairing electrical motors, presses are able to be used to remove or assemble ball bearings, ball joints, gears, and other such items. You can also use the press to bend and straighten metal, like control arms or sheets used for body repairs. Prior to ordering a new press, make sure that the maximum amount of force provided will be sufficient for your needs and requirements.


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