Get Your Own Motorcycle Lift and Save Money on Repairs

Saving money on motorcycle repairs and maintenance is possible when you have the skills needed to perform them on your own at home. However, you do require the right type of equipment and tools, including a motorcycle lift. Before starting any repairs or maintenance on your bike, review the list of required parts, tools, and equipment needed. If you discover you are lacking specific items, you should obtain the items before you start working on your bike.

Having a motorcycle lift makes it easier to get those hard to reach areas on the bike, without having to bend over, and keeps it firmly in place to prevent it from tipping over while you are working. Many brands of lifts are well suited for both motorcycles and ATVs, and provide you with the flexibility and stability to maintain more than just your bike. When selecting a lift, it is worthwhile to read through the product description to ensure you select a model that satisfies all of your requirements.

For example, the Atlas HI-RISE 1500 lift is designed to work with both ATVs and motorcycles. It has a maximum weight rating of 1,500 pounds and is powered by the Atlas air and hydraulic power system of raising and lowering your bike or ATV. In order to operate the lift you do need an air compressor able to produce a minimum of 100 PSI. The Atlas HI-RISE has a maximum lift height of 43 inches, which makes it easy to work on your motorcycle or ATV while standing. The lift includes a chopper extension to increase the center section to 100 ¾ inches, as well as a standard drop-out rear section to allow for easy removal of the rear wheel assembly.

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