Shop Presses Make Repairs Faster and Easier

Shop presses are one piece of automotive equipment you should have on hand at your repair shop. They provide a variety of useful applications to make fixing vehicles easier, faster and simpler. You can use a press for removing bearings, gears and bushings from parts, as well as reinstalling new ones. A press may also be used to compress springs and straighten, flatten and bend various metals, including steel and aluminum.

Atlas® hydraulic shop presses are available with gauges ranging from 12 to 100 tons of pressing force. Higher gauge presses provide up to their rated amount and can be adjusted to deliver a smaller force. Each frame is a heavy duty H-frame construction which is robotically welded together for maximum durability and strength. They also feature chromium plated piston rams that are able to be adjusted horizontally on their rail guide systems for precision accuracy. In addition, we offer a range of accessories for use with Atlas® shop presses, like a grid guard, press pin/punch kits, press plates, gear puller/bearing splitter sets and pressing blocks.

You could use a hydraulic shop press at home to save on labor costs if you like repairing or restoring your own vehicles. Smaller models, like the 12 ton or 20 ton press, are well suited for most applications. In addition to automotive repairs, the press can be used for a variety of other household repairs where you need the added force to remove or install parts, press or punch holes, split pieces apart, or for other bending and straightening applications.

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