How to Perform Alignment Service with a Two-Post Lift

Here’s the dilemma: you want to offer alignment service, or gain the benefits of a four-post lift but only have shop space for a two-post.

The solution: Add a set of Atlas Wheel Stands to your Two-Post Lift and suddenly you have all the benefits of a four-post.

Even Better:  Add a full set (2 pair) of Atlas Alignment Turntables and you suddenly have all the alignment capabilities of an open-front four-post alignment lift.

The Atlas Wheel Stands are the perfect choice for those smaller shops who want the advantages of a four post lift but have only limited floor space. The set of Atlas Wheels Stands can support up to 6,000 lbs. and, because they are taller than most other stands, are the perfect height for hanging wheel alignment sensors. Many shops do not have room for a dedicated four post alignment lift. These shops may have only two post lifts or mid-rise lifts in their existing facility. The Atlas Wheel Stands can be adjusted (leveled) so that they can be used for wheel alignment. Simply place a turntable on each wheel stand and your two post lift has been transformed into a four post alignment lift…complete with turntables and slip plates.

Use the arms of your two post lift (or mid-rise lift) to raise the vehicle to perform lateral run-out compensation for your sensors or to make adjustments on the front or rear ends. The Atlas Wheel Stands are also perfect for under-car service including exhaust and suspension adjustments and installations.

Pick up a Wheel Stand / Alignment Turntable Package Deal today!


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