Expand Your Earnings with a Second Alignment Bay Using an Atlas® Cyclops Machine

Expanding your business operations may be difficult if you have a small service center with a limited amount of space and bays. You may already have a single bay set up to perform alignments, but discover this service is in higher demand than you can currently meet. Adding a new alignment bay is a major investment. But, there is an affordable solution with the Atlas® Cyclops alignment machine with IC3D TowerFree technology.

It is easy to add a second alignment bay to your repair shop with an Atlas® Cyclops alignment machine with IC3D TowerFree technology. With a few simple steps, your second bay will be set up and operating to handle the additional demand for alignments by your customers.

  • Install a set of quick mount brackets to any four post lift system currently in use in your business.
  • After installation, you will have alignment capabilities on the four post lift. You are able to easily move the quick mount brackets to other four post lifts so you can always have a second alignment bay available.
  • Due to the flexibility of the Atlas ® Cyclops alignment machine, the cameras also are moveable from one lift to another.
  • The software included with an Atlas® Cyclops machine with IC3D TowerFree technology allows for adjustments with one or both axles raised for easy adjustments, and then lowered to normal position.
  • The IC3D TowerFree technology gives you greater earning potential in less bay space.

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