Deciding Which Winches Are Best for You

Deciding Which Winches Are Best for You

Any time you are looking at winches to add to your ATV, truck or other off-road vehicle, you may have a difficult time in deciding which one is right for you. Normally, manufacturers suggest you multiply the intended vehicle weight by 1.5 to obtain your minimum size winch. For example, if the weight of the vehicle is 3,000 pounds, this would equate to requiring a winch with a 4,500 pound rating. However, remember this is the recommended minimum. If you want more flexibility with your winch and the ability to use it on heavier vehicles, then you should look at higher-weight rated models.

Additionally, you need to consider the types of environments where you intend to use your winch. These factors can quickly exceed the minimum weight rating on winches and place strain on them where they will not work correctly. You could also damage your winch if it is unable to operate correctly.

For instance, mud creates a suction force, so it causes added strain on the winch. In order to pull a vehicle out of the mud, the winch not only has to be able to support the vehicle weight, but also deal with this additional force. Further, winching over steep terrain can place added strain on the winch, when it lacks the proper rating. Even if your winch is rated correctly, it could still lack the sufficient power to pull a heavy vehicle up the slope. In these cases, you may need to rely upon certain accessories, like a snatch block, to supply extra power whenever it is required.


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