How To Purchase the Right 4 Post Lift

The Atlas® ST-7000 super extra tall car storage lift is powered by an electric (hydraulic) 220 volt single phase power unit.If you are considering purchasing an above ground car lift for your automotive service center or your personal home garage, you are probably trying to decide on buying either a two post car lift or a 4 Post Car Lift.

Both models of these above ground car lifts have different features and it is important for you to choose the lift model that is best suited for your type of needed application.

The Four Post Auto Lift provides a much more solid surface than the two post above ground lift because the four wheels are resting on a solid surface. Most Four Post Lifts have two separate runways onto which the car or pickup truck is driven. The runways provide a very solid support under the tires and the width and distance between the runways will accommodate just about any size car or light pickup truck. The vehicle is driven onto the runways (over a set of included approach ramps) and then the car is lifted to the desired working height.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales is now offering a super extra tall 4 Post Above Ground Car Lift. When we say super extra tall lifting height, we mean it. The Atlas® ST-7000 4 Post Lift has a full lifting height of well over 12 feet (144-inches) to the top of the runways.If you are considering an above ground lift to store your vehicle, then you have many models of the Atlas 4 Post Lift that would be a great choice. They are designed to support the entire weight of the raised vehicle in the same manner as if the vehicle would be supported if resting on the ground. If you are limited on garage space and need to store one vehicle above another vehicle, then the this is the perfect choice.

Since the raised vehicle is resting on its tires in the “supported” lifted position, any adjustments to the vehicle’s suspension system while the vehicle is in the air would not need to be readjusted after the vehicle was lowered to the ground.

When researching this auto equipment, please consider all the intended uses for this above ground auto lift. If you are going to be changing or rotating tires on the raised vehicle, then you will need to consider a sliding jack (hyperlink) or a rolling jack (hyperlink) to raise the vehicle off of the runways to perform any type of wheel service.

Our complete line of Atlas four post lifts include many models designed for storage of vehicles for the Mr. Homeowner and many other models of commercial four post lifts for auto service garages or professional wheel alignment centers.

Most auto lifts require a floor with a thickness of between four inches and six inches of concrete for support. Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks many models that do not need to be anchored to the floor. These are a perfect choice for any customer that would like the flexibility of relocating their equipment. Our portable four post car lifts and four post pickup lifts are available in both 8,000 and 9,000 pound capacities. Greg Smith Equipment offers two different models that are wide enough and long enough to accommodate one ton dual wheel pickup trucks.

There are many advantages of owning a portable four post car lift. Many of our customers “roll” their hoist from the inside of their garage out onto their driveway when the weather is nice. Many customers that own large pole barns or large garages find it very convenient to “roll” their equipment out of the way when it is not in use.

Both the portable and the mounted four post lift are reliable and stable when in use. However, if it is to be used in a commercial garage, the above ground lift should be anchored to the floor. If the commercial hoist is not anchored to the floor, the it could be moved (scooted) slightly each time a vehicle was driven onto the lift. Once the vehicle is on the runways and lifted into the air, the weight of the vehicle exerting a downward force on the four columns makes the four post lift very stable. The four post lift, whether anchored to the floor or not, is extremely stable when the vehicle is lifted.

Most of the Mr. Homeowner lifts are powered by an electric/hydraulic power unit that requires only 110 volt electric power. Most of the stationary commercial lifts have a power unit that is operated by 220 V single phase power.

Greg Smith Equipment Sales stocks hundreds of four post and two post car lifts at their nine brick and mortar locations throughout the USA. Many of these are on display at our showroom/warehouses and can also be picked up at these locations.

If you are considering buying a four post car lift for your home garage or your professional auto service center, please call or visit one of our locations. Greg Smith Equipment has been in business for over 34 years and we are proud of our professional sales and customer service team members. Our website provides detailed pictures, videos and specifications of all our automotive equipment. We understand that even though our website is the absolute best in the Automotive Equipment Industry, there are still many customers that want to speak directly with a professional.

Greg Smith Equipment understands that lifting any vehicle up in the air and over your head is serious business. We know that our customers have many choices when shopping for an above ground lift. The Atlas four post lift offers the highest quality at the absolute lowest price and the professionals at Greg Smith Equipment Sales assist our customers in making the correct selection of lift model to best satisfy all of their lifting needs.

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