Everything You Need to Know About a 2 Post Lift

Atlas OH9000 2-post liftLifting a car or pickup truck to the correct working height requires a reliable 2-post Car Lift. Automotive service centers, new car dealers, and Mr. Homeowners all agree that an above ground two post lift is the most economical type to raise a vehicle to the proper working or storage height. Greg Smith Equipment has sold thousands of Atlas 2 post lifts over the last three decades. Above ground lifts are much more popular than in-ground because of the ease of installation. Two post lifts that are installed above the ground do not require the costly excavation and garage floor modifications that are needed when installing an in-ground lift.

The required concrete thickness for proper installation of a 2 post auto lift is between four (4) and six (6) inches. Portable two post lifts are not available from Greg Smith Equipment Sales. A two post car lift must be firmly anchored to the concrete for maximum support and stability. The Atlas model is anchored to the concrete with the supplied anchor bolts that are included. If you are looking for a portable 2 post lift, we suggest that you take a look at the Atlas SP portable single post above ground car lift. (link here)

There are many Internet distributors that offer a 2 post lift for sale, but most of these distributors do not stock the lift parts or accessories that are needed to maintain their equipment for years to come. The complete line of Atlas 2 post lifts sold by Greg Smith Equipment and their authorized Atlas two post lift dealers are supported by a large inventory of two post lift parts and accessories.

All models of the Atlas 2 post lifts are produced to exacting Industry standards. Each model has passed numerous Industry standard tests that ensure they are safe and reliable.

As you search the Internet for a 2 post car lift for sale, please make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. There are many used two post lifts for sale. We would recommend that you compare the price and warranty of our auto lifts before you buy either a used BIG BRAND name two post lift or a used no name 2 post auto lift.

There are several questions that need to be answered before you can begin your search for an above ground two post auto lift. We have provided extensive Q&A documentation on our website to help you in your search for the right lift.  Please take some time and review the answers to these questions.

2 Post Lift Questions & Answers

Now is the time for you to call or visit one of the Greg Smith Equipment Sales showroom/warehouse locations. Our professional automotive lift sales team combines several decades of above ground two post car lift knowledge and is eager to share this knowledge with our customers. We want to help you make the correct buying decision and can walk you through the uncomplicated process of purchasing Atlas Automotive Equipment. We have a great website that provides detailed specifications, pictures and videos of above ground lifts. However, as wonderful and informative as a website can be, there is really no substitution for either speaking with a knowledgeable expert over the phone or actually “touching” the real thing at one of our nine national showroom/warehouse locations.

2-Post-Lift-ChartWhen you buy an above ground lift from Greg Smith Equipment Sales, you are assured of receiving the absolute best value for your money. We know that there are many distributors on the Internet and we understand that prospective customers are always looking for the “best deal”. Some buyers are focused on the absolute cheapest options advertised. Other buyers want to buy only those BIG BRAND name equipment and don’t worry about the much higher pricing.

Greg Smith Equipment believes that we can accommodate both types of buyers and all of those potential customers that fall in between them. We have been selling our exclusive brand of Atlas above ground lifts for over 10 years and we believe that our Atlas 2 post lifts are equal to or better than anything offered by the BIG BRAND above ground lift manufacturers. Saving money is a very important consideration when buying any product. However, when the product is required to raise and support thousands of pounds above the customer’s head for an indefinite amount of time, both price and quality need to be the primary considerations.

Our two post and four post above ground lift experts know the correct questions to ask our customers who are considering a purchase. We will not recommend or sell a model of any Atlas lift that we believe will not provide adequate lifting capabilities based upon our discussion with any prospective customer.

We know that many Internet distributors do not take the time to understand and address the customer’s requirements. These Internet resellers do not have the knowledge or professional expertise that we have at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.

When you call or visit any of the nine Greg Smith Equipment Sales locations, you will get professional advice as to what models will best suit your needs. We stock thousands of above ground lifts and can normally ship your lift within two business days. You may also have the opportunity to pick up your Atlas 2-post lift at any of our warehouse locations.

If you are in the market for your very first above ground two post lift or if you have purchased dozens of above ground lifts for your automotive service department, your call or visit to one of the Greg Smith Equipment Sales location will convince you that we are the Lift Professionals in the two post and four post Automotive Lift Industry.

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